Rural Media Group: Empowering Rural America through Media

Rural America has always been an integral part of the American identity, representing the country’s roots and traditions. However, with the rise of urbanization and globalization, rural areas have often been overlooked and neglected. The Rural Media Group aims to change this narrative by giving rural communities a platform to share their stories and connect with the world.

Rural Media Group

Who is Rural Media Group?

The Rural Media Group (RMG) is a media company that focuses on rural America. Founded in 2009, RMG has since grown to become a leading provider of rural-themed programming and content, reaching over 70 million households in the United States.

RMG’s programming includes the Rural Radio Channel, which provides 24-hour rural news, market updates, and weather reports, and the Rural TV Network, which features original programming on farming, ranching, and rural lifestyle. RMG also produces the popular television show “AgDay,” which covers agriculture news and events across the country.

What makes RMG unique is its commitment to serving rural America, not just as a market, but as a community. The company works closely with rural organizations and advocates to ensure that their programming accurately reflects the challenges and opportunities facing rural communities.

RMG’s Impact on Rural America

RMG’s programming and content have had a significant impact on rural America. By providing accurate and timely information on rural issues, RMG helps farmers, ranchers, and other rural residents stay informed about the latest trends and developments in their industries. RMG’s coverage of weather and market updates also helps rural businesses make informed decisions about their operations.

Moreover, RMG’s programming celebrates the unique culture and traditions of rural America. By showcasing rural lifestyles and communities, RMG helps break down stereotypes and misconceptions about rural life. This helps promote understanding and empathy between rural and urban communities, leading to a more cohesive and inclusive society.

RMG’s commitment to rural America goes beyond programming. The company also supports rural organizations and advocates through its Rural Advocates program, which provides resources and tools to help rural advocates communicate their message to policymakers and the public.

The Future of RMG

As rural America continues to evolve, so does RMG. The company is constantly innovating and expanding its programming to meet the changing needs of rural communities. RMG’s recent launch of Rural Radio 147 is an example of this, providing a dedicated channel for rural news and information.

RMG is also exploring new ways to connect with rural communities through digital media. The company’s website,, provides a wealth of information and resources for rural residents and advocates, including live streaming of RMG’s programming.


The Rural Media Group is a vital voice for rural America. By providing accurate information, celebrating rural culture and traditions, and supporting rural organizations and advocates, RMG helps empower rural communities and ensure that their voices are heard. As rural America continues to face new challenges, RMG will be there to provide a platform for rural residents to share their stories and connect with the world.